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Announcing Our Partnership with HOMETECH Colombia

March 13, 2014
Looking back at 2013, we noticed quite a bit of our customers asking about complementing their personalized USB drives order with additional accessories and promotional swag.

So we really wanted to do something special for you in 2014.

Meet HOMETECH Colombia .

Hometech Colombia specializes in printing fun, irresistible customized stickers for startups, bloggers, artists, and businesses. With free DHL ground shipping and the super fast production methods, they've quickly become the top company in the South Americ for promotional stickers.

We've teamed up with Hometech Colombia to bring you exclusive special discounts on all our products.
You can visit  www.htcolombia.com  .

One of the best advantages of our partnership is that we can both focus on providing the custom products we do better than anyone else, while simultaneously offering our audiences additional top-of-the-line products and services.

"People are conditioned to think that the best deal is the lowest price. Actually, the best deal is the best value based on quality, service and price. It's about the whole package," -

Ing. Edwin Amaya Gutierrez, CEO of  Hometech Colombia.

What does this mean for YOU?

We are committed to continuously improving the CUSTOMIZED USB FLASH DRIVE experience.
It's a proud moment for everyone here at HOMETECH Shenzhen. Stay tuned, as we will be offering additional HOMETECH Shenzhen- Stickermule updates very soon!

About htcolombia.com
Htcolombia.com is the South Americ 's largest provider of customized sticker services. For more information visit: www.htcolombia.com