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Company news about Technology Giant Settled in Shenzhen, China.

Technology Giant Settled in Shenzhen, China.


Latest company news about Technology Giant Settled in Shenzhen, China.
Shenzhen , China is further developed in science and technology during recent years, many areas have come to the forefront of the country, and the reason why Shenzhen is great, largely due to the fact that there are many great companies.


Now a company that dominates almost all mobile chip architectures in the world is to settle in Shenzhen.

The British ARM and China Hou An Innovation Fund signed a memorandum of cooperation in Beijing on May 14th, they plan to set up a joint venture in Shenzhen, and build it into an important domestic integrated circuit core intellectual property (IP) development and service platform controlled by the Chinese side. This means that ARM (China) is officially settled in Shenzhen!

What is the background of ARM?

ARM is an intellectual property (IP) provider, the biggest difference between with the general semiconductor company is ARM neither create chips nor sell chips to the end user, but by transferring the design to the partners, and the partners produce a unique chip.

ARM quickly became the founder of the global RISC microprocessor standard by using such win-win partnership. This mode also brings great benefits to the users, because the user only master an ARM core structure and its development tools, you can use the same ARM core chip from a number of companies.

At present, a total of more than 100 plus companies and ARM signed a technology licensing agreement, including Intel, IBM, LG, NEC, SONY, NXP and NS. As for the software system partners, including Microsoft, MRI and a series of well-known companies.

More about ARM ARM contract almost all of chip architectures from the earth, whether it is your phone or kindle, the system is ios or Android, such a company now enter into China that with a large-scale chip consumption, China's chip manufacturers are pleased.

Most of the mobile phone processor institutions are based on ARM architecture at present, including Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei, While ARM does not personally create the chip, but through authorization to sell the instructions, manufacturers design and produce themselves. You can understand ARM architecture as a secret basic recipes, it is sold around the world, different chip manufacturers are like different chefs, they take the basic recipes to make different cuisines according to their own needs.

With such a technology giant partner, we believe that Shenzhen's Internet of things, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and other related areas will benefit from it.

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