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The Card Branded USB Memory Stick is gaining in popularity

June 14, 2018
The traditional paper printed business cards time is past.
People tend to use the custom USB card as their business card. Using a Business card USB, you are also applying the latest method to network in today’s business world. With a much larger printing area than any other flash drive style, credit card USB drives are great for printing brilliant high quality images.
The credit card styles are a great choice for any project.


The Card Branded USB Memory Stick is gaining in popularity
USB Business cards are exactly the size of a credit card, only 3mm thick. Personalize your USB Business cards by imprinting your artwork on one or two sides. Comparing printing your company logo on a standard USB drive, the larger surface area encourages a more complete branding experience.
You can also have photo full colour imprint to showcase your business, projects or events.

In addition to the promotional USB Card being custom-branded, the USB Chip itself allows the user to access your promotional materials, also get free data preloading and quality memory chips from 64MB up to 64GB.The larger capacity chips allow us to preload more information on the built-in USB chip, marketing content, catalogues, PDF files, presentations, photos, videos and anything else you may need to distribute on the USB Card.

The card shell is available in black, white or transparent plastic to allow for exotic graphic impressions to be printed. The USB Business Card is always available and can be supplied with printing in 24hrs or less!